Dumbum 5G

Dum Bum 5G Cat. F4

Atenție! Nu livrăm comenzi sub 300 RON.

Delivery Information

Utility information related to product delivery

  • The delivery information is provided by the customer and it is his duty to send / complete it correctly (we do not assume responsibility for packages sent to erroneous destinations).
  • Delivery of products purchased from our store is made through the company courier !!
  • The products are delivered within 1/3 of the day of placing the order (after handing the package to the courier you will receive an e-mail with the AWB of the package).
  • The delivery fee is paid by the customer (the fee will be included in the final price of the products / different delivery price depending on the quantity and weight of the products).
  • We do not make deliveries for orders under 200 lei !
  • For more information about delivery or questions please contact us at: contact@pyroshop.ro !
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